Our History

Emmeci Pane was born in 2008, but it has an ancient history. The Chiavazza family has more than 80 years of experience in the world of industrial bakery. It has handed down to the new generations an ancient knowledge that lives on today every time the dough rises. For us, baking is not a simple profession, but a passion that translates into the pleasure of offering the real Italian freshly baked bun, high-quality ingredients and the natural processing of the dough transmit a unique and unmistakable fragrance and flavor to our buns.

Emmeci Pane has a newly conceived industrial facility, innovation is the first requirement in our production in an increasingly specialized market. The careful choice of raw materials, respect for the laying times of the dough following the traditional recipes of our family, allow Emmeci Pane to produce buns with the taste and authenticity of the past, but with today’s productivity and in the most useful formats to the market.

Our Work

To prepare a good bun, you need the highest quality raw material and a cutting-edge production system.

Our professional staff and our innovative machinery guarantee a high quality standard at every stage of production. The constant attention in all the production aspects of the processing translates into maximum plant safety, rigorous cleaning of every environment and certified quality.

Our high-performance ovens allow you to bake bread at optimal temperatures, so that our buns reach the perfect degree of doneness.

Thanks to a highly flexible production system, we are able to prepare buns in the desired shapes and formats.